Dr.Ibrahim Bin Abdallah Al Ansari

CEO's Message

      It is great pleasure to witness the tree of Labbaik while it is growing and expanding through its subsidiaries, from Labbaik Travel & Tourism, Labbaik Transportation, to Labbaik Hajj & Umrah.
      Since it was established, Labbaik Group had a vision of becoming one of the major players in the travel field in the state of Qatar, to become part of the Qatar national Vision 2030.

Mohamed Gamal Mostafa

GM's Message

     Our principals have a commitment and philosophy that has not changed since Labbaik Group was established in 2010; our responsibility is two-fold:

  • To the traveler whose time, patience, and career rely on our efficiency, expertise, and creative faring.
  • To your company, whose travel budget depends on Labbaik's accountability, performance measurement, and cost savings.